• Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Kids

    [Reliable Accurate Reading]: Integrated with passive infrared receiving technology, this baby thermometers have faith of pursuing high accuracy. Thousands of times test achieve its reputation.
    [Safe and Hygienic]: Non-contact means no skin contact. The non contact digital forehead thermometer can measure forehead temperature of your babies without disturbing them in a silent mode.
    [Quick Measurement and Easy to Use]: Accurate reading with 1 SECOND measurement time and high temperature alert. The infrared thermometer is easy to use, one-button switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit, mute and un-mute mode in a very simple way.

  • Infrared Forehead Thermometer, Non-Conta

    Non-contact Measuring: Non-contact infrared technology reads from forehead with no physical contact, prevents cross-infection between multiple peoples. Safer and healthier, especially the forehead readings, as it does not bother the patient during crucial rest moments.
    Fast & Accurate: This thermometer equipped with the advanced infrared technology and high precision sensor reads fast, it only takes 1 seconds to read the temperature. The accuracy of temperature measurement is within 0.1 ℃
    Multifunctional:The temporal thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, babies and elders. In addition to measuring forehead, it can also measure room, object, and liquids temperature. Great choice for families, nursery, hotels, school.

  • Thermometer for Adults Forehead, Non-Con

    【MEDICAL GRADE THERMOMETER】BOLIKIM Thermometer For Adults Forehead Equipped with the ultra-sensitive Germany sensor in combination with the innovative optical system captures twice as much radiated heat compared to traditional forehead thermometers. The captured energy is then converted into a clinically accurate temperature reading. Press the measure button, the distance between the thermometer and the forehead must be 1-2 inch, the result will show in 1 second.
    【POWERFUL STORAGE MEMORY FUNCTION】This Thermometer for Adults Forehead Equipped with Upgrade Smart Chip made in Germany can store up to 32 sets of data. Users can track temperature changes as a reference at any time without worrying about forgetting the previous reading. The temperature alarm equipped with the product will automatically remind the user to pay attention once the temperature is too high.( the default value is 99.14℉)Giving our family members the best care.
    【HD LCD LARGE SCREEN】Bolikim Forehead Thermometer with a Large LCD screen displays clear readings. Instant read thermometer with mute/un-mute mode, Clean, white LCD-backlit display lets you see your measurements, even in the dark. You do not need to worry about waking up your baby and your lover.

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